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5 of the Best Construction Ted Talks

Published date: 17 July 2017

Whether you are looking for professional inspiration or you are curious about architecture, TED talks share the best ideas, from some of the best in the industry. Here are 5 of the greatest construction and architecture TED talks that are guaranteed to get you thinking. 

Marc Kushner: Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by you

Architect Marc Kushner talks about how public feedback merges with design and how social media will continue to impact architecture in the future. 


Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff

Builder Dan Phillips talks about his success of building homes using recycled and reclaimed materials in widely creative ways, in order to make more with less.


Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people, by the people

Alastair is a big advocate of making architecture accessible to the entire population, that’s where his simple yet powerful idea stems from. This talk focuses on what if regular citizens instead of Architects could design and build their own homes.


Michael Murphy: Architecture that's built to heal

In this moving talk, CEO of MASS Design Group Michael Murphy reveals how Architecture is more than a clever arrangement of bricks. His firm goes beyond the blueprint when they’re designing in order to achieve their goal of creating architecture that builds community and restores humanity in hurting societies.


Peter Haas: Haiti's disaster of engineering

A passionate talk from Peter Haas Co-founder of AIDG explores why he feels the Haiti disaster wasn’t a natural disaster,but rather a disaster of engineering and how he is educating Haiti’s builders to build better and stronger.


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