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FMB Insurance's New Homes Structural Defects Warranty is an all-encompassing service that safeguards your home for the future.


We understand how stressful building a new home can be, which is why our New Homes Warranty is more than just insurance – it’s a dedicated service. You’ll have your own personal representative on hand at all times to guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you have the correct level of cover and answering any questions you may have along the way. 


Your plans will be individually assessed by our in-house surveyors who have over 100 years of experience, to ensure that your quote is accurate and tailored to your development.


With cover available for a range of developments, including modern methods of construction, partially complete and completed dwellings, FMB Insurance’s New Homes Warranty is an all-encompassing service that safeguards your home for the future.


Cover includes: structural defects identified up to 10 years following completion, pollution affecting the property, defects caused by failure to comply with building regulations and more. The policy can even be transferred to future owners if you choose to sell your home within the 10 year post-completion period.





Benefits of an FMB Insurance New Homes Warranty


  1. We know construction! We are a subsidiary of the Federation of Master Builders, the largest Trade Association in the UK. 
  2. A fully personalised service, including assistance throughout the build from our in-house surveyors. 
  3. Accepted by most UK mortgage lenders (View our comprehensive list of Approved Lenders)
  4. Insurance for the building, not the builder – you’re free to sell your home and transfer the policy on to the new owners.
  5. Premiums are based on build cost rather than selling price.
  6. Our underwriters are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  7. Policy doesn't exclude cover for areas such as flat roofs or basements.
  8. We don't require customers to put money in an Escrow account.
  9. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  10. When you buy through us, the profit made goes back into the trade association, which supports the member services that FMB provide.
  11. We honour loyalty and try wherever possible to be as competitive as possible for our members and repeat customers.
  12. We promote our customers on social media to showcase their work.
  13. All Developers are automatically registered with the Consumer Code for New Homes, benefiting from top quality customer service and demonstrating a real commitment to consumers. Find out more here




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Will my mortgage lender accept your warranty?

Most UK mortgage lenders accept our New Homes Structural Defects warranty. If you’re unsure, simply get in touch.


The project I’m working on uses modern methods of construction and is vastly different from the majority of other builds/dwellings. Would you be able to supply a warranty for this?

Our in-house surveyor will go over your plans before we supply you with a formal quotation. This way we can ensure we quote you correctly and fairly. If you’re in doubt, simply get in touch with us where a member of staff will help you.


Do you offer a policy that is less than 10 years?

 It is standard practice in the UK that all new homes have a 10-year warranty from the date of completion. As such, we do not offer a policy shorter than this.


Who has to take out this insurance? Is it the client or the builder? Does it matter?

Both homeowner and builder can take out a New Homes Structural Defects policy and it will not affect the warranty in any way.


What happens to the warranty if I sell the property within the 10 year period?

 If you sell your property whilst your warranty is still valid, you can transfer the name of the policyholder to the new homeowner. There is a £25 admin fee for this service.


Why do I need to have a site inspection? What happens during a site inspection? How many inspections will I need?

 We will send an inspector to your site to ensure that the building standards we require have been met. Depending on what stage of the build you are at, or if you have a complicated property, the number of visits   may vary. For a New Homes policy, we generally schedule four inspections throughout the build: at foundation, shell, roof on and then completion.

However, if the property is complex the number of inspections and the type of inspection required may differ slightly. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.


How much is the excess on this policy?

 The excess for this New Home Structural Defect Insurance is £1,000.


Are there any hidden fees?

 No - your quote includes everything and will be broken down to show you how much is the premium, how much is tax and how much for the inspections. There are no hidden membership or code fees. 


Is the policy covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

 Yes, our Underwriters are covered by FSCS. This means that FSCS can pay compensation to you if a firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims. 


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