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The New Code protecting Homeowners

Published date: 14 December 2017


The idea of owning your own home is a still a dream for many, but for those able to make it onto the property ladder it’s a triumphant victory. As consumers decide to part with their money to purchase a dreamy new-build, the housebuilding industry is not only focusing its efforts on building, but ensuring homeowner satisfaction remains at an all-time high.

Currently, 90% of homeowners are delighted with their new-build. But, in light of the Federation of Master Builders research on satisfaction with new builds, this statistic goes against what was reported. Key results from the FMB’s research show that twice as many people (36%) say they are ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their new build home if purchased from an SME house builder, compared with those whose home was built by one of the top 20 large builders (17%).

However, it’s not all bad as the industry is listening.  Now the commitment to raising standards of construction and customer service in the new build home market has become a critical focus for industry bodies, including us at FMB Insurance. It’s certainly the right time for the housebuilding to raise its game, ensuring those 300,000 new homes supposedly built every year now until the mid-2020s are properly built and not storing up problems for the future.

The launch of the Consumer Code for New Homes (CCNH) couldn’t have come at a better time, especially when small and medium-sized builders (SME) have been put at the heart of the government’s ambitious plans. There is no doubt SME builders deliver quality work, however as production increases the Code will ensure the highest standards are maintained and homeowners are left satisfied and protected. For those who are unfamiliar with the CCNH, here is a breakdown of what it’s all about:

What is the Consumer Code for New Homes?

The Consumer Code for New Homes is an industry-led code of conduct for home builders. It has been developed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for purchasers, along with supporting and protecting consumers.

What is the purpose of the Code?

The ultimate aim is to provide a genuine commitment to consumers, improving standards of construction and raise customer service standards in the new homes market. The Code ensures buyers of new homes are treated fairly and know what levels of service to expect. On top of ensuring they know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

What are the benefits of the code?

The Code benefits both housebuilders and home buyers by aiming to improve the level of customer satisfaction and therefore enhancing the reputation of the industry. Alongside this, housebuilders who register with the Code can benefit from the following:

A selling point to customers: As a member of an industry-led, consumer-focused Code for selling New Homes you’re demonstrating a consistent and high-quality approach.

CML Compliant: New Homes can be sold with mortgages as the CCNH is approved by a number of major high street lenders.

Regular inspection of New Homes during construction: All CCNH Warranty Bodies commit to a minimum of four key stage inspections of all your plots.

Independent Dispute Resolution: Registered developers and home buyers have access to a completely Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme which provides a fast, effective and low-cost solution to helping you resolve disputes if you need it.

Protection for customer deposits: Monitoring arrangements are put in place to protect the deposits paid by your consumers during the New Home purchasing process.


Take a look at the highlights from the Consumer Code for New Homes launch:


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Raise your game

If you think the industry is moving in the right direction by placing protection for new build buyers at the forefront, then why not become part of it?  Here at FMB Insurance, all developers who take out a 10- year structural defects warranty with us, are automatically registered with the Code, benefiting from top quality customer service and demonstrating a real commitment to consumers. 

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