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FMB Insurance new home structural warranties operate to protect home buyers

Published date: 17 April 2017

FMB Insurance joining the Consumer Code for New Homes(CCNH) provides a genuine commitment to maintaining excellent standards of delivery and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is being achieved across the board.

As a builder or developer, we can appreciate that your focus is making sure your homes and buildings are built to the correct standards and on time. However, when things go wrong home buyers are not always protected. Therefore, as well as the 10 year warranty protecting owners of new homes from structural defects and construction issues, the CCNH aims to protect consumers from undesirable trading practices during the New Home purchase process and set standards for developers regarding the other considerations of buying a New Home, such as quality of build and the fairness of the sale process. 

For consumers choosing a New Home which has the backing of a recognised and “rated” insurer is absolutely critical. Our 10 year policy is put in place to protect the homebuyer and future buyers for a decade. FMB Insurance New Homes warranty is more than insurance, it's a dedicated service. Every project is treated individually, tailoring every policy to the particular development, whilst quality is never compromised or exploited as a mean to reduce cost; frequent inspections ensure high levels of quality control, with no project signed off until practical completion. As an insurer, we remain solvent and able to meet our obligation over this entire period.

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