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5 reasons to choose FMB Insurance

Published date: 27 June 2017

There are so many great reasons to make FMB Insurance your first choice for all your construction insurance requirements.

5 tips to Know before buying construction insurance

Published date: 05 June 2017

With all the different policies, coverage amounts and premiums you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Here are five top tips you should consider before buying construction insurance...

A brick by brick breakdown of housing manifestos

Published date: 30 May 2017

Housing is one of the biggest issues in the 2017 general election, but how do the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems plan to fix the housing crisis and do you really know which party you should bet your house on?

Unrated insurer - Are they worth the risk?

Published date: 22 May 2017

Risks on construction projects can be significant, making insurance a vital component of any business; with this in mind, would you be willing to take the risk with an unrated insurer?


Published date: 17 May 2017

The Federation Of Master Builders has given its support to the Labour Party’s proposal to link up housing and skills policy...

Modern Methods of Construction: A not-so-modern term?

Published date: 15 May 2017

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are slowly making it into the UK’s dialect when talking about housebuilding, although it certainly isn’t a new concept...

VAT cut would spark building boom

Published date: 12 May 2017

Plaid Cymru’s proposal to cut VAT on home renovations would spark a renaissance in the Welsh construction sector, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) Cymru has said...

Now is the time to drive suicide prevention

Published date: 08 May 2017

Did you know more construction workers take their own lives than in any other industry? There were 1,419 suicides among those working in skilled construction...

Is price the best indication of value?

Published date: 04 May 2017

We all are constantly on a quest to find the best value. We don’t need the ‘best’ of everything but what we do demand is value for money. Insurance should never be based on price alone.

Immigration and skills key to success of next Government

Published date: 02 May 2017

The next Government must ensure the construction sector has enough skilled workers post-Brexit or its housing and infrastructure manifesto pledges will be redundant...


Published date: 28 April 2017

Before plunging into your DIY project here are some useful tips help your project run smoothly and successfully...

Homeowner satisfaction with new homes remains high

Published date: 27 April 2017

The latest National New Home Customer Satisfaction survey carried out by NHBC on behalf of the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has revealed...


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