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Published date: 22 April 2022

Specialist loss adjuster QuestGates warns insurers of a potential surge in diesel & heating oil theft as a result of the spiralling cost of oil. We’re all very aware of the rising costs of living and spike in petrol prices, so there’s no surprise that this has now become a problem.


Richard Lawrence, Technical & Complex Loss Director – Environmental at QuestGates, reveals that tanker valves are being left open or smashed and holes are being drilled into tanks to extract the fuel. This is a much more serious problem than leaving your keys lying around – your whole site needs to have high-quality security to avoid the risk of theft.


This type of theft poses a risk of pollution and contamination to the environment surrounding your site, which could result in expensive clean-up costs and potentially lead to you as the business owner becoming the subject of investigation by the likes of the Environment Agency.


We want our customers to be protected in every possible way to prevent theft from happening at their site. There are certain measures you can take as a business owner to protect your valuables...


Invest in fences, locks and alarms

To protect your construction site or larger tanks and vans that could be at risk of theft, a good option would be to build a heavy-duty fence complete with a padlock and chain. You can add another layer of security by installing an alarm or even putting up ‘no trespassing’ signs to warn off unauthorised persons. 



Installing video surveillance on your construction site can be one of the best deterrents to theft. The presence of cameras can send potential intruders on their way, with the bonus of being in possession of the footage in the event of having anything stolen from your site. 


Install security lighting

If your site is visible from your home or office, it might be a good idea to install some security lighting. This can alert you to potential intruders whilst serving as a deterrent to anybody who tries to access your site out of hours. 


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