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Insurance designed to protect your high-risk trades

Published date: 22 April 2022

Here at FMB Insurance we offer carefully picked insurance policies designed to protect you and your business from claims made against you. You’ve probably heard of liability insurance – this policy covers the legal costs for injury or damage to a property or third-party individual should you be found liable. It’s an important safety net should anything go wrong.

But if you run a high-risk trade business, you might struggle to find an insurance policy right for you. Read on to find out how we can help.

What is high-risk trades insurance?

In a nutshell, it’s public liability insurance but designed for higher risk trades. It covers your business against the unexpected and protects against claims for accidental damage or injury to individuals.

High-risk trades insurance is designed to protect roofers, scaffolders, electricians and other high-risk trade businesses. Everyday you’re carrying out high-risk activities which could mean your employees are more likely to have accidents – and so, your business poses a risk to insurers.

We always strive to find the right policies for you and that’s why we’ve set up a new relationship to help us find insurance for high-risk businesses – a must-have to protect yourself and your employees.

Stay compliant, stay protected

To ensure your business is protected in the event a claim is made against you, it’s important to stay compliant. We work with you to minimise the risk and advise you to document all health and safety processes on-site, as well as carrying out regular risk assessments.

If you’re a Federation of Master Builders member you can protect yourself and your business with Safety Plus. With support from Building Safety Group, you now have access to professional, industry-recognised health and safety software – so your business always stays on top of your health and safety needs.

By showing that you are keeping up with your end of the bargain, the odds will be more in your favour should a claim be made against you – and strict compliance means added safety on-site. It’s a win-win situation. 

Get in touch with our insurance experts to find the insurance policy that’s right for your high-risk business. Call us on 01353 652760.

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