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Keep burglars at bay this Christmas: Home alone style

Published date: 08 December 2017

The festive season is a wonderful time of the year, however, for some, it may not be so jolly when prosperous burglars are on the lookout. With expensive gifts on display and homeowners out visiting family and friends, these provide perfect opportunities for any burglar. Now, Home Alone Kevin McAllister may have gone slightly overboard when keeping burglars at bay, however, he did have the right idea. Our five top tips might not be quite extreme, but they are a simple and effective way to protect your home this Christmas. 


1. Lock up your property

Although it may seem obvious, the chaos of Christmas can see homeowners forget the simplest security measure. Double check your windows and doors, even if you only go out for a short time. 


2. Make your home seem occupied

If you plan on not being at home for a while, keep up appearances in your home. Whether that’s through setting up light timers or using cardboard moving figures in the window. Just make sure that you have some sort of system in place to discourage burglars.


3.Don’t make it easy for them

Kevin didn’t exactly make it easy for burglars, so neither should you. Whatever your elaborate plan is, think about locking your items away, particularly items that could help burglars break into your home. Although maybe don't cover your house in booby traps, as it could be you paying the price.


4. Invest in security measures

It may seem like a good idea to cover your stairs in tar or even place a scalding-hot handle on your front door to keep the burglars away. But, you don’t need to be quite as extreme. There are hundreds of security gadgets to choose from including CCTV cameras and automatic lights. 


5. Plan house checks

Ask friends, family members, neighbours – even the scary man who loves to shovel snow next door to check on your house every now and again. Not only will this help add to the presence that someone is home, but they can pick up on any suspicious behaviour – or in Kevin’s case it can save you from having one less finger. 


If you’re leaving your home unoccupied for longer than the standard period, your home insurance may not cover you – FMB Insurance’s Unoccupied Buildings Insurance is a great way to ensure you’re property is protected. 

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