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Published date: 26 March 2017

Did you know that women twice as likely to take charge of building projects?

According to new research conducted by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), when it comes to making vital decisions regarding building work, women are twice as likely to have the final say on the style and scope of the project.

The stereotypical line between gender and home improvement ability is no longer as FMB reveal it’s not just the man of the house who is keen to show off his construction & DIY skills – women are also getting in on the act and are increasingly more confident about getting stuck in.

FMB research asked female homeowners if they have ever carried out a range of basic DIY tasks around the home and the results were as follows:

  • Almost 80 percent have painted a room;
  • 65 percent have put together flat-pack furniture;
  • 58 percent have unblocked a sink;
  • Over 50 percent have changed a fuse;
  • 44 percent have unblocked a toilet;
  • Over a quarter have cleared the guttering

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said: “This research shows that any lingering gender stereotypes regarding domestic life are totally outdated. Not only do women lead on decisions regarding the style and scope of building projects, they also get stuck in themselves when hiring a builder isn’t necessary. In the 21st century Britain, you’re just as likely to find a woman up a ladder clearing out the guttering or battling with flat-pack furniture, as you might be likely to find her performing some of the more traditional domestic chores.”

Berry concluded: “On a more serious note, the construction industry is facing a massive skills shortage and we’re crying out for more female builders. At present, only 2% of construction workers on site are female and until we start to appeal to 50% of the population, we won’t be able to plug the skills gap. It is my hope that these hands-on women, many of whom will be mums, are inspiring their daughters to think differently about what is an acceptable career path for girls. There is no reason why young women can’t become the next generation of brickies and sparks and it’s our job to remind them of that.”

The significant challenge facing the construction industry is how they can attract women into the typical preconceived male dominated industry, whilst turning home DIY into a career within construction.

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