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Tool theft crazes to watch out for this winter

Published date: 12 December 2017

All over the UK tradesman like yourself have seen a rise in Van break-ins. From the ‘peel and steal’ craze to Skelton keys, thieves are swiping tools worth thousands. And with estimates predicting 5 ‘peel and steal’ crimes are taking place every day in the UK, it’s never been more important for tradesman to protect their tools. Particularly as the festive season provides perfect opportunities for burglars on the lookout. This winter make sure Santa Claus is the only person sneaking into your van by following these security tips: 

1. Remove items 

Always remove items from view and if possible, remove tools, stock and other equipment from the van. Although if you can’t remove your tools, always try and park in a busy, well-lit area.

2. Mark or Engrave 

Mark or engrave your tools with something as simple as your postcode or name, even by using products such as DNA property marking and UV pens. This will help deter thieves as it won’t as easy to sell on. It also helps identify you as the owner if you recover them.

3. Invest in security 

Visible security features can be a strong deterrent, so consider steering or handbrake locks, mesh grilles, load-bay windows and pedal boxes. 

4. Register your tools

Protect your tools by registering them at It’s free and can help identify the owners of recovered property.

5. Take out tool insurance

Make sure your tools are insured, so if you are forced to replace them you know you know you're going to be covered. Although in most cases tool cover can be taken out with other insurance policies, such as public liability. 


At FMB Insurance we can cover essential equipment and your van in the event of a theft. Not only does our Public Liability Insurance enable your tools to be covered, but our Contract Works Insurance automatically covers £1,000 worth of tools. Find out how much you could save, request a quote today! 

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