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Is price the best indication of value?

Published date: 04 May 2017

We all are constantly on a quest to find the best value. We don’t need the ‘best’ of everything but what we do demand is value for money.

Whether it involves buying a new van or tools for your business, insurance is no different.  You will spend time hopping from insurer to the other, providing the information similar to the first. With a price from each insurer you are now armed with enough information to make a call on which represents the best value for money, you take the first one because it was a little cheaper. A few months later a major claim occurs and your policy doesn’t cover it. Tragically, the second policy would have covered it.

Price is only one factor in determining the value for money and this holds true for not only buying a car, or tools for your business but when purchasing insurance to provide protection from major losses. Make sure you are considering all the other factors such as cover, exclusions, conditions and services before using price as your deciding factor.

FMB insurance is committed to delivering competitive insurance products that don’t scrimp on cover. At FMB Insurance we’ll never recommend an insurance policy based on price alone. We are construction insurance specialists and we’ll recommend policies that will cover your business, with reputable insurers that off the best value for money.

When it comes to insurance products we have an extensive range of warranties for the Domestic Home Improvement market and Liability to Latent Defects Insurance, suitable for requirements of FMB members, as well as the general public. Find the right product for your business here.

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